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Jebb Smith Ltd specialise in marine engineering design, and have a passion for green marine energy projects. We have experience of innovative work in both wave and tidal energy systems.

Building on decades of experience in design consultancy and product development, we are currently working on one of our most exciting projects yet, the Oasis Power Buoy.

Oasis Power Buoy

Currently under development is the Oasis Power Buoy - an offshore mooring buoy, which also has an electric power supply for connection to vessels. This is primarily aimed at Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) and allows latest generation of hybrid and all-electric vessels to moor and recharge their batteries from the wind farm’s energy whilst waiting infield. This greatly boosts the viability of such vessels and will contribute to major reductions in emissions from the current diesel powered vessels.

This project has been awarded a grant for Technology and Innovation from MarRI-UK, supported by the Department for Transport.

The Oasis Power Buoy is on track to be in the water for testing in Spring 2021.

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Oasis Partners


Mara Buoy

Our love for effective and reliable engineering also saw us re-designing mooring systems for yachts and small commercial vessels. As keen yachtsmen, our frustration at the poor design of the traditional mooring system led to the creation of the Mara Buoy – a range of deck level mooring systems with heightened safety and ease of use.

Having been named one of Yachting Monthly’s products of the year, this successful design has formed the basis of the Oasis Power Buoy.

For more information and sales of the Mara Buoy range, please visit our website at

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